Portugal’s first

Beta Sound System

Beta Sound System is the Porto Design Factory and Casa da Musica’s leading initiative to support innovation in the music industry through the entrepreneurial creation, launch and growth of music centric startups.

This accelerator provides support to music minded entrepreneurs by connecting them to the critical community -  educators, mentors, experts and manufacturing partners -  needed to turn ideas into realities.

Building on an acclaimed legacy of groundbreaking artistic and cultural advances for music, P. Porto and Casa da Música are again breaking ground by supporting the endeavours of the brightest music-driven entrepreneurs, researchers and developers. We run an acceleration program – the only one of its kind in Portugal – to support the most promising music centric startups, and collaborate with the brightest minds in academic research.

We are looking for the best new ideas in these fields of music industry:

New Radio & Broadcasting Experiences

Are you reinventing the whole radio and broadcasting experience?

Creation & Collaboration

Can you improve how we create and share music content?

Marketing & e-Commerce

Do you help artists connect directly with fans for marketing & commerce?

New Music Experiences

Are you reinventing music at home, in a car, in the club, or at a festival?

Rights & Royalties

Are you working to modernize royalties, rights and licensing?

Artist Discovery & Curation

Can you find & create opportunity for the right artist at the right time?

Music Education

Are you helping a generation of digital natives learn to love and play music?

New Instruments

Are you ideating a breakthrough new instrument?